Women Self Defense

Women Self Defense includes basic attacks, defense, situational training, techniques and their implementation along with positive attitude and self-belief concept. We are specialized in this area and provides most specific and necessary programmes for training women’s in our classes for all danger situations.

Women self-defense has become the most concerned activity to discuss and perform in women self defenserecent years. With the raise in sexual assaults and harassment there is very much urgency in this field to maximize the awareness and play a positive character to help them.There are many reasons for women’s to train themselves in self-defense. As women’s prefer living in their comfort zone but after the unfortunate incidents happened all over the country many of them have geared up and many are still awaiting an opportunity. Some of the reasons that they must train are:

  • Sexual Assaults and harassment
  • Women have less strength then the men
  • Cultural lines and mentality to treat them differently
  • Kidnapping and killing attempts
  • Threatening attempts

Karate Jaipur Team implements the training methods focusing on both mental and physical preparedness to avoid, react and escape safely. The training involves fighting in different practical situation, undergoing stress conditions, hitting vital points and other kicks and punches.

Our Self-defense techniques are very easy and practically implemented to learn. It helps them to identify the risk situations, getting out from the difficult situations, protect himself and his family members.

  • Understanding Criminal Mind Sets
  • General Awareness and Concerns About Life Threatening Situations
  • Training in Different Practical Situations
  • Train Mind And Body to Sustain And React in Real Situations
  • Functional and Combat Training
  • Cardio And Fitness Training

After completing this course one will be very confident to save him various life threatening situations.