Self Defense

Self defense courses prepared by Karate Jaipur Team ensure that an individual could protect himself and others out in different violent situations. We help individuals of all age group of different background to get trained with us and work upon their strengths and weaknesses.

All of our self-defense programs are designed for all kinds of situations, age groups and all mind sets. It helps to improve the mental and physical health of the students who want to achieve their goals and think out of the box. The techniques involved in our courses are easy, effective and as per the human body movements and nature.

Some methods we implement in our general trainingkarate self defense

  • Basic Punches, kicks and blocks
  • Mixed martial arts training methods are used for training
  • Self defense techniques
  • Different situation and condition reaction techniques
  • Mental Training for to control aggression and reactions
  • Training under stress conditions
  • Workouts for complete body strengthening
  • Plyometric sessions
  • Agility routines
  • Weight training
  • Cardio and fitness sessions

After completing our course you will be more confident then never before. Our aim is to incorporate self-defense and martial arts techniques in a person so that he could avoid certain risk situation and even could come out of them.

We conduct various seminars and workshops on self defense and martial arts in Jaipur for increasing awareness all around. The rise in crime level is very important for us to look after. Our motto is to look after the surrounding and improve the alertness to judge right in the hazard situation.

General Self Defense training must be compulsory to each and every individual where he can assess the situational threats and can react to them for defending himself and others.