School Training

School training concludes Implementation and knowledge about karate and using it as sporting event and self defense for the physical as well as childrens’ mental development.

School Karate Programs are must be specially designed as per the student’s ability to catch it and the time period defined. At smaller classes one must implement programs at different way and at higher grades one must give training differently. Belt grading must be conducted after every six months period for providing them motivation for their hard work.

karate trainingChildren’s are always special to everyone and they need special attention. Special methods and techniques are implemented to teach them about Karate, surrounding and awareness. Exercises are implemented in such manner that they are felt like playing games. Hence the training methods are designed for training reflexes and mind. Karate Jaipur Team understands children’s special needs of children’s and designed various programs.

From early age, kids must be aware about their surroundings, environments and the danger situations to differentiate between right and wrong situations.  They are prepared in such a manner that they could avoid certain danger situation and even help themselves out from the self defense techniques. In schools only weekly classes are available for students in school for training which must be well utilized.

Some advantages of these classes for children’s

  • Goal setting
  • Understanding different environment
  • Improving focus
  • Self confidence
  • Discipline
  • Learn to respect
  • Improving in mental and physical reflexes

Kids will learn various types of punches, kicks, blocks and self defense techniques. We find children’s which face lots of problem in focusing on one target, confusion in understanding, and lack of confidence. Instead of repetitive movements training we have designed some programs which not only help them to come out from all above problems but makes learning more interesting and fun.

Children’s are always crazy about performing stunts they watch in different martial art movies and imitate the same in their daily life. But if not trained or guided by special trainers they may get injured. Martial arts training are always important and must be performed under serious note by everyone.

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