Karate training by our team in Jaipur has been recognized for his martial arts training methods and its implementation. Our instructors are well trained in karate with experience from minimum five years to twenty five years. Students from our various centers have represented and participated in many national and international karate tournaments.

karateWe have designed different training courses for people of different age group which helps them to accept the patterns easily. For children’s we emphasize on various punches, kicks, blocks, combination and kata’s with different patters and exercises. For higher age group people we concentrate more on techniques, implementation of kata’s, approaching various situations, strength and cardio exercises. Improving mental strength, focus and determination is important factor for all the exercises.

Karate training constitutes the concept of training mind and body which were formed and implemented by the Masters and are forwarded to train the next generations. The training has been distributed into various forms especially the Kata ‘s which are the soul of this art. The methods are developed and followed from thousands of years to transform one self internally and externally.

1. Yobi Undo

Warm Up Exercises

2. Hojo Undo

Machiwara undo
Chiishi undo
Nigirigami undo
Sa-Shi or Padlocks
Kongo Ken

3. Fukyu Kata

Gekisai ich

Gekisai ni

4. Kihon Kata


5. Kaishu Kata









6. Heishu Kata