Karate training March 2014

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Kick Boxing

Kick boxing workouts has been renowned all over the world as simple and effective way for self defense. It has been raised in late nineties by different martial artists like karate, taekwondo and others in America who were not satisfied to train under no contact rules and traditional discipline followed in them. They feel some sort of lack in their confidence when they have to face a competitor or face a real situation.

When they combine different techniques to form kick boxing they have to look out for methods to avoid injuries as there were no rules. In result of this new protective clothing’s and rules were added to it. Now from last two decades it has went under lot of changes as there are specialized instructors to train people and big money making tournaments to entertain people.

Despite of all this safety of the martial artist has been the most determined aspect till today. The people who took part in kick boxing events are highly trained under rough conditions in various styles and forms like, judo, wrestling, boxing, karate, kicking, krav maga and many more. There are no certain fixed uniforms in this field as it depicts the traditional mind set and limitation to the thinking.

Discipline and respect is still the key to all the trainers and practioners. Drills and training methods all have been developed and modified from the various traditional systems.

Karate Belts

Karate belts system in goju ryu was introduced in late nineties in order to promote it modern era of martial arts and popularize this art. The main motto is to incorporate self confidence in the students and giving them as rewards for their training.

Beginners Grades:

10t Kyu White Belt
9th Kyu Yellow Belt
8th Kyu Green tip
7th Kyu 2 Green tips
6th Kyu Green Belt
5th Kyu Brown tips
4th Kyu 2 Brown tips
3rd Kyu Brown Belt
2nd Kyu Black tip
1st Kyu 2 Black tips
Shodan Black Belt (1st Dan)
Nidan Black Belt (2nd Dan)
Sandan Black Belt (3rd Dan)
Yondan – 4th Dan Black Belt

Masters Grades:

Jokyo – Yondan 4th Dan (Shihan) White & Red Belt
Renshi – Godan 5th Dan (Shihan) Red & White Belt
Renshi – Rokudan 6th Dan (Shihan) Black & Red Belt
Kyoshi – Nanadan 7th Dan (Shihan) Black & Red Belt
Kyoshi – Hachidan 8th Dan (Shihan) Red Belt
Hanshi – yudan 9th Dan (Shihan) Red Belt
Hanshi- Juudan 10th Dan (Hanshi) Red Belt

Shihan or Master is the title for 5th Dan and above while Shidoin is regarded for assistant to the chief Instructor.

Goju Ryu Karate

Goju Ryu karate the way of hard and soft is a martial art form which has been spread all over the world and has been learned by millions of students.

History of Karate is incomplete without Sensei Kanryo Higaonna who developed the art of Naha-Te after returning from China. He learn martial arts under the Master Ryu Ryukyu for many years.

The founder of Goju Ryu karate was Sensei Chojun Miyagi who devoted his whole life in developing the art of Naha-Te. From the age of fourteen he started training under Sensei Kanryo Higaonna as he was man of a very strong character. He was so proficient in his training that he was renowned all over the world and demonstrated in many Japanese Budokan tournaments. His most senior student Shinzato Sensei gives a performance in a tournament which makes everyone asks about his school. Without any answer he came back and asks his sensei about the school. The place where classes are performed is called Dojo and is treated with respect and defines purity.

After a thought Sensei Chojun Miyagi named it as Goju Ryu Karate means the art of empty hand. In the year nineteen thirty three Goju Ryu was registered in Japanese martial arts association. After the World War II he stopped teaching as he lost his son and a senior student. Though he resumed his teaching after few years to spread the art around the world to promote peace.

The methodologies for karate training are developed and tested by grandmasters with years of their dedication. Still today they believe to pass this same to all future trainees.

Krav Maga – The Modern Martial Art

Krav Maga the most effective, direct and modernize way of martial arts. When it comes to training oneself for the tough times and any situation then only one name comes into mind and that is Krav Maga from Israel. It is different from all other martial arts in many ways like there are no rules; it has been battle tested and it’s emphasize on learning easy yet effective techniques. All kinds of situation, attacks, defense, confrontations that one can think are performed in this.

All most all techniques, attacks, defense and movements are developed and refines from various martial arts like Karate, Judo, Boxing, Jujutsu, Aikido and many other. This art has been developed due to years of conflict all around the world. It has been developed in the surrounding and time when the people don’t have time to train themselves as traditional forms always follow the routines and training methodology which requires years of regular practice. It is made to protect you from any kind of situation when one is fighting for his life.

In the beginning Krav Maga was developed for the Israel Defense Forces but with the change in time the system was modified further to be adapted by Civilian’s. It has been designed in such a manner that can be easily leaned and implemented by man, women and children’s for their self-defense. It also incorporates the special training methods to mentally challenge and physically disabled persons to meet the stress situations.

Some basic training techniques:

– Defense against punches and kicks
– Releases from bear hugs and chokes
– Defense against knifes and clubs, guns etc.
– Defense against multiple attackers
– Various types of arm blows and kicks
– Sparring under pressure and controlled fighting

Krav Maga training goals are courage, emotional stability, respect and patience. The basic intent is to train one to stay away from violence while making them ready to react under violent situations. The techniques are developed to give the maximum effect in surrounding situations. In other forms we feel that higher techniques are situation training is given when one reaches higher level with years of practice. Till that he only learns basic punches, kicks, blocks and kata’s.

There is no comparison to this art as compared with others. It implements life saving techniques and situational training which are very effective and the best thing is that one does not require years to practice block and punches. Krav Maga is the realistic fighting system in which student is taught to react in position of real time and speed situations.

Today this art has been well accepted and implemented by elite military forces from the whole world.

Eat Hard Eat Smart

Nutrition is very important to sustain life, for its growth, activities and normal functioning without which we could not survive. However, all foods are not nutrients providers and even could harm your body making you ill. Micronutrients like vitamins and minerals and macronutrients like protein, fat and carbohydrates are the most essential ones.

Martial arts practioners like karateka and others are known all over the world when it comes to conditioning. Training programs without good nutrition are always incomplete and will definitely not help you to achieve ones target. Fighters must understand that the ultimate way to reach their goals is only through complete diet and nutrition. Same kind of planning is done as for preparing any kind of training schedule. This could be a major factor of the life span or performance period of an individual in the event.

It must be seen that right kind of nutrition must be given to the person at right time period because they help to repair, rebuilt and nourish the body and also help to lose fat, enhance performance and reduce its injuries. Diet schedule must be made such that it must complete all body needs and easily adapted by the body in any season and by any age.

Martial artists are always separated from the regular sports persons because they have to perform extra miles than others. So their body needs are more for diet and nutrition’s. A sports person must have knowledge about best nutrition for his body and giving out his best performance. Before jumping into the complex nutrition schedule one must opt for basic nutrition’s which are the bases for all food programmes.

Drinking plenty of water every day. Eating five to six small balanced meals avoiding high sugar and fat materials. Basic nutrition protein, carbohydrate and fat must be constituted in the meal in right proportions. Pre work out and post workout meals are very important to provide your body immediate strength but they must be followed before one hour and after half hour of training program.

As we know our body is 80% water hence it is very important for everyone especially at the time of training because it keeps you hydrated and fresh. Those who are dehydrated faces many problems like starving, dryness and many other which could further leads to sickness.

The Way of The Warrior

Martial Arts is a way of life – a warrior’s life in action. It has been developed from centuries in different forms all around the world. There are various forms of martial arts like Karate, Judo, Taekwondo, Kung Fu, Krav Maga, Boxing, Wrestling, Tai chi, Kalaripayattu, Muay Thai and many more.

It is a comprehensive physical, mental and spiritual discipline, a way to transform your body and attitude so that one can express oneself. Committing yourself towards your training is the most important thing for a trainee no matter how much long time he has to put in his efforts, one the he will see the outcome. No one is too weak, too young, too old, too short or heavy to train. Polish your mind to sharpen your blades of your body and mind.

In long history of martial arts the instinct to follow and imitate in most martial artists, Instructors and students. This is mainly because of human tendency and had become a part of tradition. Each and every individual belongs to a style and claims to posses the truth in his own way. But one should never restrict himself to one style and must look for learning more and more. Seek the form through formlessness.

Instead of facing combat in its realness, the most systems of martial arts accumulates the fancy method of distraction. I one wants to see the real truth in martial arts, to see any opponent clearly you must throw away the motion of styles.

If anyone is learning one particular style like Karate then he must not limit himself to its methods and movements, because that is not actual fighting. He must take tools from this art and act according to the situation.

Martial artists must be more interested to know more about roots of the martial arts and not to its various branches. It is not correct to argue, compare and think which branch is better because all are equal. One cannot see the street fight looking through them is limited and not clear so one must like or dislike it.

Truly said by the legend of martial arts Bruce Lee – When it comes to fighting you must train every part of your body.

Mixed Martial Arts Training

Mixed martial arts training program must conclude all aspects of fighting skills like Judo, Karate, Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Grappling, Aikido and all other. Some key elements which must be looked down physically and mentally while training are Strength, Power, Explosiveness, Flexibility, Core Strength, Endurance and conditioning. All kind of martial arts contains all these key elements in their exercise routines which are must for each and every individual for an overall performance.


Maximum strength is the complete force one can exert under training effort. They may be needed to lift and throw, physically resist, clinch & hold or manipulate the joints of an opponent; all of them require the resistance ability to overcome the opponent.

Kettle bells are one of the best training equipment to be used to gain overall strength quickly. It centralizes the gravity of the body and also helps to neutralizers and stabilizes the major muscles of the body.


MMA training must include power drills. Drills like power lifts and dead lifts which help to improve holding and lifting. Weight Pushing, dragging and holding exercises helps them to improve the overall muscles power. After completing your training session you must perform power exercises for higher intensity, duration and similar to a real fight.


Plyometric exercises have been used with great modulations to stimulate great force while performing any motion or action. These ballistic exercises are performed even by the Olympic athletes for performing at higher speeds and quick translations.


Flexibility is very important for all athletes including MMA fighters. It helps to avoid strain, sprain and joint injuries. Injuries occur mainly because our ligaments, tendons and joint scapsules slowly lose elastin, resulting in decreased elasticity. The performance of movements for improving flexibility can be done with or without weight.

Core Strength

Core stability mainly refers to the ability of one’s body to hold its core stable (low back and pelvis). The most direct form of core stability comes out from the strengths and functions of the large muscles as well as the stabilizing muscles. Holding oneself in any situation with or without weight at different postures is the main key for improving the core strength.

Cardio and Endurance

It is the most important skill for an athlete’s especially for the martial arts trainee. It helps them to work harder and harder for longer durations and hours. It is the best way to become more lean and tough both mentally and physically. Dynamic improvement will be seen in the trainee after completing this kind of training course.


Conditioning your whole body also include to condition your mind. It helps improve you to focus and concentration while performing various exercises. Skipping is the best and traditional method to improve the heart rate and condition your body.

The workout routines can be varied in different formats or it could depend upon the instructor or routine needed by the trainee to get trained. It may be interval training, circuit training, combination of all exercises, continuous training, with weights or without weights, body weight and many more.