Eat Hard Eat Smart

Nutrition is very important to sustain life, for its growth, activities and normal functioning without which we could not survive. However, all foods are not nutrients providers and even could harm your body making you ill. Micronutrients like vitamins and minerals and macronutrients like protein, fat and carbohydrates are the most essential ones.

Martial arts practioners like karateka and others are known all over the world when it comes to conditioning. Training programs without good nutrition are always incomplete and will definitely not help you to achieve ones target. Fighters must understand that the ultimate way to reach their goals is only through complete diet and nutrition. Same kind of planning is done as for preparing any kind of training schedule. This could be a major factor of the life span or performance period of an individual in the event.

It must be seen that right kind of nutrition must be given to the person at right time period because they help to repair, rebuilt and nourish the body and also help to lose fat, enhance performance and reduce its injuries. Diet schedule must be made such that it must complete all body needs and easily adapted by the body in any season and by any age.

Martial artists are always separated from the regular sports persons because they have to perform extra miles than others. So their body needs are more for diet and nutrition’s. A sports person must have knowledge about best nutrition for his body and giving out his best performance. Before jumping into the complex nutrition schedule one must opt for basic nutrition’s which are the bases for all food programmes.

Drinking plenty of water every day. Eating five to six small balanced meals avoiding high sugar and fat materials. Basic nutrition protein, carbohydrate and fat must be constituted in the meal in right proportions. Pre work out and post workout meals are very important to provide your body immediate strength but they must be followed before one hour and after half hour of training program.

As we know our body is 80% water hence it is very important for everyone especially at the time of training because it keeps you hydrated and fresh. Those who are dehydrated faces many problems like starving, dryness and many other which could further leads to sickness.