Mixed Martial Arts Training

Mixed martial arts training program must conclude all aspects of fighting skills like Judo, Karate, Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Grappling, Aikido and all other. Some key elements which must be looked down physically and mentally while training are Strength, Power, Explosiveness, Flexibility, Core Strength, Endurance and conditioning. All kind of martial arts contains all these key elements in their exercise routines which are must for each and every individual for an overall performance.


Maximum strength is the complete force one can exert under training effort. They may be needed to lift and throw, physically resist, clinch & hold or manipulate the joints of an opponent; all of them require the resistance ability to overcome the opponent.

Kettle bells are one of the best training equipment to be used to gain overall strength quickly. It centralizes the gravity of the body and also helps to neutralizers and stabilizes the major muscles of the body.


MMA training must include power drills. Drills like power lifts and dead lifts which help to improve holding and lifting. Weight Pushing, dragging and holding exercises helps them to improve the overall muscles power. After completing your training session you must perform power exercises for higher intensity, duration and similar to a real fight.


Plyometric exercises have been used with great modulations to stimulate great force while performing any motion or action. These ballistic exercises are performed even by the Olympic athletes for performing at higher speeds and quick translations.


Flexibility is very important for all athletes including MMA fighters. It helps to avoid strain, sprain and joint injuries. Injuries occur mainly because our ligaments, tendons and joint scapsules slowly lose elastin, resulting in decreased elasticity. The performance of movements for improving flexibility can be done with or without weight.

Core Strength

Core stability mainly refers to the ability of one’s body to hold its core stable (low back and pelvis). The most direct form of core stability comes out from the strengths and functions of the large muscles as well as the stabilizing muscles. Holding oneself in any situation with or without weight at different postures is the main key for improving the core strength.

Cardio and Endurance

It is the most important skill for an athlete’s especially for the martial arts trainee. It helps them to work harder and harder for longer durations and hours. It is the best way to become more lean and tough both mentally and physically. Dynamic improvement will be seen in the trainee after completing this kind of training course.


Conditioning your whole body also include to condition your mind. It helps improve you to focus and concentration while performing various exercises. Skipping is the best and traditional method to improve the heart rate and condition your body.

The workout routines can be varied in different formats or it could depend upon the instructor or routine needed by the trainee to get trained. It may be interval training, circuit training, combination of all exercises, continuous training, with weights or without weights, body weight and many more.