Krav Maga

Krav maga training has no restriction and limitations regardless of age, fitness, size and sex. Our motto of training is to make one prepare to deal with the criminals in different situation when the person is not ready!

krav maga back grabOnce developed only for military services it has widespread to meet the needs of different individuals as per their need. The main objective of development of krav maga is self defense in different environment and situation with various criminal mind-sets. In such unavoidable situations there is either of the way to follow; one is to fight back and other is to surrender to him. The lawbreaker does not think while attacking you he will only concentrate on harming you.

It does matter in what you are trained or how much you have practiced your routines. The only thing matter is that how much you are aware and mentally prepared to face the situation. Krav maga Jaipur trains an individual based on reality scenarios like while you are sitting on a place, going through a market place or in cinema like public place; conditions are even difficult for women who wore sari because of limitations to movement.

Krav maga trail classes can be easily arranged by us and must be attended by every individual who think personal protection is very much important. There is no reason of excuse that you could give to criminal in any situation besides surrendering. In all these kinds of situations one should know to use his limitations as an added advantage.

There are several issues related to real life situations like shock, fear, depression, confusion to react and many other which can lead you to make mistakes.