Kick Boxing

Kick boxing training programmes are available for all age groups and our instructors are well trained in this.  Karate centers are fully equipped with the basic training equipment’s which are sufficient enough to attain a certain fitness level.

Kick boxing programs are considered as fitness programmes instead of self defense because much concentration is given to burn out calories at the time of punching and kicking. But our training schedule also concentrates on self defense techniques equally.  Punching and kicking the bags is various combinations makes one to sweat, loose fat and train one in basic self defense.

Burn more than 1000 calories in one training session and can be truly said that it is one of the most effective way to lose weight and flab and its workout is evenly liked equally by each individual.

When someone says that they know the secret of the martial arts then the person is saying false. There is no such thing like secret techniques everything is in front of the individual he just have to learn it from his heart while training.

There are many formats and drills that are practiced by our trainee which develops him to understand and perform in various street attacks. The programmes are famous for its simplicity to understand and perform even by the beginners easily.