Karate Belts

Karate belts system in goju ryu was introduced in late nineties in order to promote it modern era of martial arts and popularize this art. The main motto is to incorporate self confidence in the students and giving them as rewards for their training.

Beginners Grades:

10t Kyu White Belt
9th Kyu Yellow Belt
8th Kyu Green tip
7th Kyu 2 Green tips
6th Kyu Green Belt
5th Kyu Brown tips
4th Kyu 2 Brown tips
3rd Kyu Brown Belt
2nd Kyu Black tip
1st Kyu 2 Black tips
Shodan Black Belt (1st Dan)
Nidan Black Belt (2nd Dan)
Sandan Black Belt (3rd Dan)
Yondan – 4th Dan Black Belt

Masters Grades:

Jokyo – Yondan 4th Dan (Shihan) White & Red Belt
Renshi – Godan 5th Dan (Shihan) Red & White Belt
Renshi – Rokudan 6th Dan (Shihan) Black & Red Belt
Kyoshi – Nanadan 7th Dan (Shihan) Black & Red Belt
Kyoshi – Hachidan 8th Dan (Shihan) Red Belt
Hanshi – yudan 9th Dan (Shihan) Red Belt
Hanshi- Juudan 10th Dan (Hanshi) Red Belt

Shihan or Master is the title for 5th Dan and above while Shidoin is regarded for assistant to the chief Instructor.