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Resistance Band Summer Workouts

We are here once again with resistance summer workouts and we all know it’s very difficult to maintain our fitness level in this rising temperature. We cannot continue with our winter workouts or any other workouts which causes heavy weight lifting and Cardio circuits. If we follow such routines, then there are huge chances of shedding your muscles and even getting them to break down and weaken. Hydrating your body is very important as in summer there is lots of dehydration, feeling tiredness and other problems.

Going gym has become a fashion trend in our society. Visiting those in summer doesn’t feel good factor for us. So one should follow or prepare a routine which could help him to fight all consequences of heat and preserve the fitness in one. Even if someone is following his rigorous workout plan, then he must fill himself with proper diet and hydration.

Resistance Band Workout

There are lots of workouts which can be performed even in summer like swimming, playing any sport, any martial arts training. But will will discuss the one which could help those who wants to build some muscle without lifting weights in summer.One of a different kind of workout is using resistance band in training replacing the weights. No doubt people from all age groups and sex can easily perform exercise using it.

As we know the resistance band weighs in few grams opposite to weights, but still it keeps continuous stress during the complete movement of the exercise. It helps in more muscle growth by combining more fibrous muscles together. Some important things about resistance bands are:

  • They come in different color code which provide different level of strength.
  • They are very cheap and anyone can easily afford them.
  • They can be taken anywhere with the person.
  • Thousands of different exercises can be performed with these.
  • Unlike weights they do not harm or stress your joints.

There are many videos for this kind of training available on the internet which could help you to prepare your own routine. You can also follow the same exercise format that you perform with weights, but the only thing is that you replace them with the band. You can perform exercises, using it for three days with a combination of muscles or even you can perform that for sis days taking each major muscle group on individual day.

If you still feel that your workout is still incomplete, then change the band color and increase the sets and repetitions and give proper rest to your body.

Just remember to perform warm up and cool down stretches to avoid cramps and follow the proper workout schedule in a proper manner with proper diet and hydration you will be definitely getting the results in no time.


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